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Audi: Performing a static DPF regeneration with the iScan-II wt

Posted by Georgios Limnios on

Some time ago I was called in a workshop to help with an Audi A5 (2009) that came in with the “glow plug indicator” light turned on and the following two fault codes were logged:

  • P2002:00 - Particulate Trap Bank 1, Efficiency Below Threshold
  • P2463:00 - Diesel Particulate Filter, Soot Accumulation

This is a pretty straight forward PDF regeneration case. Judging from the description of the DTCs, the DPF filter is blocked and the accumulated soot will need to be burnt off. Analysing the P245300 code itself confirms the location of the problem:

  • P = Powertrain
  • 2 = ISO / SAE related (engine and transmission)
  • 4 = Auxiliary Emissions Controls
  • 63 = Diesel Particulate Filter
  • 0 = No sub type information
  • 0 = No sub type information

It is always good practice to inspect the live data to check that soot levels are higher than normal before proceeding with the DPF regeneration. 

Note: It is very important, after the DPF regeneration is performed, that you reset the Learned Values of Particulate Filter as well as the learned values of the Difference Pressure Sensor, otherwise the ECU won’t know that the soot levels are back to normal levels.

The entire procedure, from beginning to end, can be seen in the video above. Our customers can also read the step-by-step PDF tutorial of the procedure from our Tec Docs.

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