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Installing and coding the correct VW/Audi battery

Posted by Georgios Limnios on

This is an Audi Q7 which was towed back to the workshop with a flat battery. Not an unusual problem, if it were not for the fact that barely two months prior a brand new battery was installed on this vehicle.

In this video I will explain why not any aftermarket battery will properly work with Audi vehicles and why they run out of power so fast. I will also show you how to recognize which batteries are 100% compatible and how to encode these batteries using the Autoland iScan-II wt.

- Car was towed back to the workshop with a flat battery. The problem is that this flat battery, even though it was brand new and installed on the vehicle barely two months prior, is a "standard aftermarket commercial battery" not fully compatible with this Audi.

- Purchase and install a battery compatible with with this specific vehicle. These batteries will have a BEM tag (a sticker) on them.

Repair procedure:
- Install battery and then perform coding by using the information on the BEM tag on the battery.

Tool used:
- iScan-II wt

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