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Testing, replacing and encoding a BMW footwell control module

Posted by Georgios Limnios on

This is a BMW X5 E70 (2014) that came into the workshop with the cabin lights not working, the indicator lights not working and the main tail lamp not working. Watch the video to see how we determined that the footwell module was faulty, and why after installing it on the vehicle it only needed to be coded but not programmed.


  • Several electrical systems in the vehicle are failing.


  • Test vehicle for fault codes.
  • Identify which fault codes are related to the symptoms and confirm they are permanent (i.e. can’t be cleared unless problem is fixed)
  • Verify fault codes are caused by faulty footwell module.
  • Purchase and install new footwell module

Repair procedure:

  • Install new footwell control module on the vehicle and performed coding on it with our scan tool.
  • Scan to verify no fault codes are gone.
  • Verify that the vehicle systems are working properly.

Tool used:

  • iScan-II wt


More information:

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