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F831 Fuel System Analyzer

F831 Fuel System Analyzer

  • $88000

The ideal tool to diagnose an engine’s fuel delivery and exhaust systems. Perform fuel pressure tests, fuel flow tests, engine intake manifold vacuum tests and back-pressure in exhaust manifold test.


It is specially designed for fuel system failure detection of electronic fuel injection engine. It can test the pressure and flow of fuel system while the engine is running, the vacuum in intake manifold and the pressure in exhaust pipe. To diagnose injector failure, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, fuel pump or the screen filter, the vacuum gauge and exhaust pressure gauge can determine failure in the air intake system and exhaust system (such as value’s sealing) and in the catalytic convertor failure.


  • Range of fuel pressure test: 0 - 800kpa
  • Range of fuel flow test: 0.5 - 3L/Min
  • Range of engine vacuum test: -100 - 0kpa
  • Range of back-pressure test: 0 - 60kpa
  • Weight: around 4kg
  • Dimensions: 450mm x 350mm x 90mm

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