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Mityvac Silverline Vacuum Pump Kit

Mityvac Silverline Vacuum Pump Kit

  • $17000

Designed with proven features from the renowned Mityvac pumps, the Silverline Elite Automotive Kit delivers both vacuum and pressure. The dual capability of the new Mityvac hand pump combines two pumps into one. It will streamline your tool inventory while greatly extending its vehicle service applications.

  • Used for one-person brake bleeding.
  • Produces vacuum or pressure at the turn of a switch
  • Checks DPF pressure sensors
  • Checks MAP sensors
  • Checks operation of vaccuum and pressure solenoids
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • One-finger trigger vacuum/pressure release
  • Pressure and vacuum are created on the squeeze stroke for superior accuracy and control.
  • Includes durable, accurate diaphragm style compound pressure/vacuum gauge
  • Application manual included

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